Maturing in Faith

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The Christian life is one of continual growth and maturation. Seeds of faith develop into fruits of obedience. But how can we better understand and attain spiritual maturity? What steps can we take to develop an enduring faith? Join us this Winter as CWOW studies the Book of James, and discover what it means to enact a living, enduring, mature faith.

Date Title Speaker
Jan. 18 Maturing through Obedience  1.16-27 Pastor Rena Crocker
Jan. 25 Maturing in Endurance  1.2-18 Erina Kim-Eubanks
Feb. 1 Maturing in Endurance  5.1-8 Loretta Matty
Feb. 8 Maturing in Love for the Poor  2.1-13 Bruce Hansen
Feb. 15 Maturing in Love for the Poor  2.14-25 Tim Zenor-Davis
Feb.22 Maturing in Speech  3.1-18 Pastor Rena Crocker
Mar. 1 Maturing in Speech  4.11-17, 5.9-12 Deanna Lee
Mar. 8 Maturing in Attitudes  3.13-18 Michael Kim-Eubanks
Mar.15 Maturing in Attitudes  4.1-10 Pastor Rena Crocker
Mar.22 Maturing in Community  5.13-20 John Winkleman


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