Encountering God in Silence

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Reflections on silence and solitude from JJ, a CWOW member.

Solitude is my long-time friend.

I’m the girl on my back in the the Florida sand, intrigued by cloud animals while listening to the ocean waves.

Stillness is a familiar posture.

At significant junctures of my adult life, I’ve chosen to be still before God, followed by seeking out the counsel of trusted friends and mentors.

Silence is risky.

Almost three years ago, I felt an inkling from God that I should take sabbatical from regularly leading worship.  Due to unwelcome circumstances in my life, I needed to proceed with care during a season of loss.

In silence, God reminds me that He knows me.

The assurance that I heard from God, sustains me when I miss my vocation. I’ve had regular worship responsibilities since the age of nine.  When I feel empty and lost, I sit in silence and my constant inner chatter is quieted (though not always silenced).  When I hear God’s voice louder than my fears and desires, He reminds of my identity in Christ.  That identity supersedes the gifts I was born with, and the skills I have developed over the years.

Listening to God = Productive Pain = Growth.

This break from worship leading has revealed my tendency to look to others for approval. I’m getting better at quickly recognizing when my focus is directed outward.  In silence, the truth of my brokenness is lifted up to the healing light of the One who mends all diseases.

In silence, I hear God singing.


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