The Cross of Christ: Exploring the True Meaning of Lent

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How did the execution of an obscure peasant generate a worldwide movement? Why is this moment of state-sponsored torture so vital that its followers claim “I have been crucified with Christ”? How can a 6 week long reflection on a violent tragedy ground our spirituality and become the center of our joy? Join us this Lent as we explore St. Paul’s answers to these paradoxical questions.

Feb 14 Love Does (Rom 5:6-11)  Pastor Gary VanderPol
Feb 21 New Humanity (Eph 2:11-18) Pastor Rena Crocker
Feb 28 New Creation (Col 1:17-23) Pastor Gary VanderPol
Mar 6 New Identity (Gal 2:17-21) Pastor Gary VanderPol
Mar 13 Same Mind (Phil 2:1-11) Sabrina Chan
Mar 20 Palm Sunday  (Col 2:13-15) Pastor Gary VanderPol
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