Sabbath experiments: a progress report – (10.22.17)

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Our community has been experimenting with the ancient practice of Sabbath to help us re-balance our cluttered schedules. This Sunday at Celebration we shared with each other how doing this together has created space for God’s liberating presence–or has made us aware of barriers and questions as we try to find rest amidst the frenzy around us.

Here are some of our experiences, in 140 characters or less:

How we’d describe our Sabbath day

  • Sabbathing is both easier & more difficult during a major life transition
  • A valid reason to stay “off the grid” for 8 hours (or at least try)
  • Need, awareness & anticipation of preparing for the Sabbath
  • Learning to be not postponing anxieties that need to be faced during the “six days”
  • Space from family
  • Break from household chores
  • Expanse of time—ordering into God’s time
  • Planning and preparation ahead of time to have this break
  • A taste of eternity
  • The retreat gave our family a chance to do Sabbath together and separately and lowered and changed my expectations
  • I have discovered the holiness of Sabbath and as a result also the holiness of all my time
  • Importance of getting away from the house & practicing Sabbath outdoors away from cell phone coverage
  • Go beyond “rest” and draw near to God’s presence
  • Harder than I thought. However, important and refreshing. I’m more in need of God’s presence + perspective than I was aware of before beginning this version of Sabbath keeping.

Work and Sabbath

  • We have a long path around campus that provides time and space to pray, reflect, and rest.
  • I say quietly by the river for a while (not a metaphor).
  • Work for humans for thousands of years was about living/saving /subsisting/thriving-not “being someone” 😊
  • Science is proving that Sabbath is good for you! 😊
  • Sabbath has helped me see the ample time I have for work
  • Setting boundaries
  • New job, fresh start on listening for the Holy Spirit, accepting my limits, focused work time
  • Sabbath lifestyle—letting Sabbath impact work instead of work impacting Sabbath.

Free Time and Sabbath

  • Increased focus on enjoyment vs distraction
  • Checking out of social media has restored my sleep cycle
  • Changing my free time so I’m not isolating→connection
  • Spiritual freedom to see “free time” as a way to connect and engage in inspiration activities, thus make that time no longer free.

Questions and barriers

  • Insecurity and the need to better my situation
  • Hmm…? I still have NO IDEA what I’m doing. 😊
  • Finding “restful” activities vs. keeping busy
  • What is “free time?” What’s “rest”?
  • Switching days/breaking habits to form new
  • Young children—many ongoing needs
  • My Sabbath is Monday when my company is revving up for the week. Very difficult to disconnect…
  • Does budgeting for Sabbath create or relieve the stress it’s supposed to address?
  • Free time? What is that?



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