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If you were at Celebration on March 18, we had the pleasure of hearing our former pastor, Rena Crocker, preach and tell us about her ministry with The GreenHouse in Sacramento. This summer, we’ll be sending a group of CWOWers on a service project to work with Rena and The GreenHouse and in two weeks, we have the chance to bless them financially! On May 3, a Sacramento foundation hosts a day called “Big Day of Giving” where they will match all donations given in a 24-hour period, up to $10,000. In addition, CWOW will match the gifts that CWOW folks give on that day. So, whatever you can give to The GreenHouse, will effectively be quadrupled! If you give $50, CWOW will make it $100, and then the Sacramento foundation will make it $200!

Here’s how it will work:

On May 3, anyone who wants to give will go to this website to make their donation. Once you’ve given, email us at to let me know how much you gave so that CWOW can match your donation. At the end of the day, the Sacramento foundation will match all the donations given (up to $10,000). On May 3, DON’T go through The GreenHouse’s website to donate – use that BDOG link instead.

What if I’m interested in donating but I’m busy on May 3?

That’s OK. There is a “schedule a donation” option on this page. Any time between now and May 2, you can can set up a donation, and it will run on May 3 as part of BDOG. This is an option if Life Groups wanted to donate together – you could set it up during your Life Group meeting together.

What is The GreenHouse anyway?

The GreenHouse is a community enrichment center focused on kids and youth in North Sacramento. They are located on a very special and unique block of high-density, low-income apartments; this single block is home to about 550 kids under 18 (that’s the size of the largest elementary school in Berkeley – all living on one block). The GreenHouse does holistic community development with youth – after-school and summer programs, sports teams and clinics, a community garden as an outdoor classroom, leadership development, tutoring, mentoring, faith formation, etc.  Rena just started as the ED there in March. Big Day of Giving plays a significant role in raising The GreenHouse’s funding for the rest of the year.  Everything raised on BDOG goes directly back into supporting GreenHouse programs: year-round, weekly holistic programs for under-served youth.

If you have any other questions, email us at Thanks for giving!

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