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Pastor Gary sent out a message about our Celebration zoom security last Friday via Weekend Update. If you have not had a chance to read it, you are in luck! Gary’s message is copied at the end of this email. In addition to the security measures Gary mentioned, I would like to share the following with you:

  • Please update to the latest version of Zoom (Zoom 5.0) which has more robust security enhancements. Here is more information about how to update.
  • The hosting team of our Celebration is constantly monitoring the audio and video cues of all attendees throughout the virtual service. Ideally, any potential disruption will be headed off by their vigilance before it rises to a noticeable incident. Our hosting team will first attempt to remove the perpetrator. If removal is not possible, they will end the meeting. You will receive email updates shortly if we have to end the meeting.
  • If the host account is compromised as was in some known zoombombing incidents, it may not be possible for us to end the meeting. We would like to empower and bless each participant to leave the meeting at any point when you do not feel safe. We all have a different level of tolerance for such incidents, and we want to honor each person’s freedom to choose in this regard especially if you have young children in attendance.

It has been wonderful to have a virtual place of gathering and connection on Sundays. Let’s continue to pray for God’s protection over our virtual holy grounds and continue to gather in joy and exuberance. Please reach out to me, Gary and Rochelle with any questions or concerns you may have.



Anne Park Grant – Executive Director



A Message about Celebration from Pastor Gary


Hi church,

I’m looking forward to gathering this Sunday! Just wanted to give you an update on how we’re continually working to improve the safety and security of our virtual gatherings.

First, we are grateful for the sacred space that Zoom Celebration has become. I really appreciate how you’ve all said NO to drifting away into isolation and YES to growing in spiritual friendship despite the limitations of the medium.

Second, we are pleased that we haven’t had any disruptions or incidents. Many thanks to Mike, Brittany, and Rochelle for vigilantly standing guard. They have loved us well with their careful protection!

Third, we are not resting on our laurels. The staff and elders have recently taken several actions to increase our security:

  • changed the password-protected link

  • no longer openly listing the link on our website

  • those who enter after 10am will be approved by a Host

  • expanding our Hosting Team so security doesn’t all fall on Mike, Brittany, and Rochelle

  • created contingency plans in case we need to cut the meeting short to thwart a Zoombomber.

Just wanted to update you on these steps because we believe our weekly all-church gathering is so valuable! It’s worth it to do everything we can to protect our sacred space.

Let’s keep our resolve strong–no isolation, no virus, no online disruptions can diminish our fellowship!

In affection and friendship,


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