Community Justice Opportunity: Incarcerated Folks at Wildfire Risk

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Incarcerated Folks at Wildfire Risk

Hi everyone,
Small bonus action for this week! As we’re thinking about mass incarceration this week, there are two facilities — California Medical Facility (CMF) and Solano State Prison — that are dangerously close to the fire lines in Vacaville. The surrounding area has an evacuation order, but the state and CDCR have not evacuated people incarcerated in either facility.
A similar case is when incarcerated people were abandoned during Hurricane Katrina, for which the state was later sued:
Here’s a toolkit with more background information and scripts to email, call & tweet at the governor and CDCR:
Emails can be as quick as a few minutes each (slightly longer if you personalize the script a little).
During business hours, phone calls to the governor’s office can sometimes have a long hold time. In the past few weeks, the CDCR number has always led to a voicemail so that call should be quicker.
Thanks for considering.
— Noelle
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