Community Justice Opportunity: Urge Governor Newsom to Sign AB 3070!

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Dear CWOW,

Some colleagues at Berkeley Law worked on a report to support the passage of a racial justice bill at the CA legislature this year that will prevent prosecutors from striking people of color from juries. As you may know, race-based jury strikes are a huge problem when it comes to criminal trials. In addition to the harm done to jurors who are excluded from participation, more homogenous, white juries are more likely to rush to judgment, make culturally-biased assumptions, and wrongfully convict people.

AB 3070 is a terrific, first-of-its-kind reform that many other advocates around the country would like to model in their states. But first, Governor Newsom must sign the bill – and do so by 9/30 – and he may be getting considerable pushback from District Attorneys and prosecutors not to do so. You can read more about what the bill will do and why it’s needed here and in the attached letter, which you can also use as a template to urge Governor Newsom to sign (you may prefer to send something shorter and less legal!). I understand that the governor is likely to read letters sent to his office and that he prefers to do so in Century Gothic, size 12. If you wish to send one, it can be directed to as an attachment. In the subject line of the email, you can write: Re: AB 3070 (Weber) Request for Signature.


Many thanks for your consideration! And please feel free to pass this along to friends, family and other churches or community organizations in CA.


Sophie & Bidish

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