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Imagine you live in a one-room cinderblock house in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, with one of the highest murder rates in the world. When COVID sweeps through, the government is distant and corrupt, as always. When your income is cut in half, you can’t even imagine a “stimulus check” coming in the mail. Then not one, but two climate change-fueled hurricanes rip your house apart, drowning all your possessions. You are now utterly homeless, crowded into a non-socially distanced tent city made of soggy debris.

This describes the experience of thousands when hurricanes Iota and Eta hit in November. In the United States, with our insane election and crazy COVID outbreak, there simply weren’t enough headlines for distant tragedies.

I share this sad story because it comes with an amazing opportunity to stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Honduras. That’s because AJS, whom you may remember from past Giving Weeks, is uniquely positioned to actually root out more government corruption than ever as the water recedes.

In Honduras, ever since Columbus, the same little cluster of ruling families has been perpetuating injustice against the marginalized. In this context AJS has patiently spoken truth to power for over twenty years, resulting in the most successful criminal justice reform story I have ever heard. Now in 2020, they’ve added high-profile exposes of the government’s COVID and disaster responses. The unsettling force of these multilayered crises has created an unprecedented opportunity for structural change, which is why I humbly commend AJS as an option for your Christmas giving this year.

For more details, click here and check out a 1-minute video.


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