Advent 2020: Camino Audio Guide

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Available for your Advent reflections, this CWOW Camino Audio Guide, from our 2020 Advent Prayer Retreat begins with Step 1 below. Find the audio file below, or download as a podcast here.


Step 1: Advent Camino Blessing

Blessed Advent, dear CWOW brothers and sisters. Thanks for walking the CWOW Advent Camino today. Advent is often metaphorically referred to as a journey. Over the four weeks before Christmas we dedicate ourselves to more prayer and reflection. In that time with God we move spiritually from one place to another. We are affected by the people and experiences along the way. And, in the end, we hope to meet and receive Christ in a new and deeper way.  In my experience, the spiritual, physical, mental, psychological and emotional are all tied together. The Camino has become one of the most popular pilgrimages in the western world. There are many routes all leading to the Spanish destination, Santiago de Compostela, the resting place of St. James. The reason there are so many routes is that originally, this walking pilgrimage began from your front door and ended at Santiago de Compostela. So, what you are doing today, is in the spirit of this historical pilgrimage. Try and schedule at least an hour for this walking retreat. The recording itself is 35 minutes long, but there will be places indicated where you can stop the recording to allow for more reflection and space.

With the pandemic, many people are walking more locally. In fact, the Camino is closed due to Covid 19 and yet, the call from God is still there. The InterVarsity Study Abroad program includes a 5-day walking retreat along the Camino. However, this year, it was canceled due to Covid. In response to God’s call, Josh Harper and his team created a digital Camino.  I modeled the audioguide for the CWOW Advent Camino after the first walk in the IVCF series and I thank the digital Camino team for generously sharing the fruits of their work. 

I want to thank the Ashlock family and Pastor Gary Vanderpol for their contributions as well as Noa Henthorn-Iwane for his audio-editing.

We begin this journey with a reflection and video blessing from long-time CWOW member Jason Jensen in the link below*. Please listen to this blessing before you begin your walk (7 minutes).

Video Blessing- Jason Jensen

*Created for the IVCF Digital Camino and used by CWOW with permission




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