"You shall love your neighbor as yourself." (Matthew 22:39)
As we eagerly anticipate the coming of our Savior in this Advent season, we honor our Savior’s call to love our neighbors as ourselves and commit to support the faithful work of Shalom and hope carried out by the four highlighted organizations below. As we give generously, let us also pray for the kingdom of God to go forth and touch the hearts and lives of those who are in need of our Savior.
CWOW has two Giving Weeks annually, one in Advent and one in Eastertide, to live out Jesus’s call to love our neighbors especially those in need and to store our treasure in heaven. This season, we gave over $27,000 to our four highlighted organizations which will each receive matching funds from CWOW! In addition, we also donated an additional $7,900 to the 12 other organizations listed below.

Highlighted Organizations:

These are the organizations that received matching funds from cwow this round! You can still give anytime, but stay tuned for more info about our Spring Giving Week.

Centro Legal De La Raza

Consider giving directly to the ‘Immigrants Rights Team’ by specifying in the notes.

Jubilee Immigration Advocates

Takataka Plastics, Uganda

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