Church Without Walls, Berkeley is led by a Board of Elders, a small group of men and women who oversee CWOW’s ministry and staff. Each year, the elders are presented to the members of the congregation for approval for the following ministry year.

You can email the current Elder Team at

2019-20 Elder Team

Dana Lundblad
Dana is involved in life groups, prayer ministry and the Holy Week Planning Team. She has worked at a number of non-profits in the Bay Area, including St. Anthony's Foundation and currently works at the YMCA of the East Bay. Ask her about biking, the San Francisco Giants, what she's reading now.
Rochelle Youk
Rochelle relocated to the Bay Area in order to pursue a graduate degree in painting. She currently heads up the aesthetics team. During the week, Rochelle can be found at the Arion Press where she works as a bookbinder, or in the Dogpatch, painting in her studio. Ask her about cooking, how art intersects ethnic identity, textiles.
Jake Qian
In addition to serving as CWOW's treasurer, Jake is involved in the "virtual group," a life group that combines online and in-person meetings to accommodate the schedules of parents with young children. Ask him about the Minnesota Twins, innovation, and being the dad of rambunctious, adorable, hilarious twins.
Bora Reed
Bora has been a part of CWOW since its inception. She leads a life group and pre-church prayer. Ask her about ultimate frisbee, writing fiction, and the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises.
Gary VanderPol
Senior Pastor
Gary VanderPol holds a MA in Theological Philosophy from the Graduate Theological Union and a PhD in History of Global Christianity from Boston University. He is the co-author of Return to Justice: Six Movements That Reignited Our Contemporary Evangelical Conscience.. Ask him about cliff jumping, growing up in Modesto, co-owning an apartment building that serves refugees.

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