"You shall love your neighbor as yourself." (Matthew 22:39)
As many folks have mentioned the privilege and joy of participating in our semi-annual Giving Weeks (Advent & Eastertide) as their proud moments, we come together this Advent to intentionally gather our resources to support what Jesus cares about. This year we are highlighting the four different organizations below, whose congregational gifts, CWOW will match.
CWOW has two Giving Weeks annually, one in Advent and one in Eastertide, to live out Jesus’s call to love our neighbors especially those in need and to store our treasure in heaven. This season, we are invited to give any time during Advent, but Giving Week officially starts on December 17. In addition to the individual donations given by CWOWers, CWOW will also match the donations to the highlighted organizations. Report back your individual donations anonymously below.

Highlighted Organizations:

These are the organizations that will receive matching funds from cwow this round. Give any time by clicking on the orange buttons!

Urban Mentors Network

Jubilee Immigration Advocates

Takataka Plastics, Uganda

Help cwow know how much to match by anonymously reporting back your giving here!

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