Church Without Walls was born in 1997, when fourteen praying people experienced a clear call to engage the Berkeley community with the love of Jesus.

Since that time, CWOW has grown to more than 100 adults, kids and youth.

Our spirituality is centered on Jesus because we’ve discovered that his life and teachings deeply connect faith with everyday life. Whether we are bringing food to new parents, hosting a movie night or praying for a sick friend, we’ve found joy and satisfaction in putting Jesus’ words into action.

As our name implies, we believe that “church” is not a building.

It is a community of people gathered to love God, one another and their city in a way that heals divisions and makes friends of strangers. We are far from perfect in this, but we’ve found it to be a marvelous adventure.

In 2013, Church Without Walls, Berkeley was formally adopted into the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination. We are excited to be a part of this vibrant network of diverse congregation in the United States and throughout the world.

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