What is a Stimulus Jublilee? It is a concrete, practical way we at CWOW stand with those whose very livelihood is threatened by the greatest economic and health crisis of our generation.

By drawing from our stimulus checks and our own financial reserves, we can collectively share a little taste of Jesus’ Jubilee “good news to the poor” (Luke 4).

As always during Giving Week, we give wherever we are led and as we are able. This spring we are highlighting four highly effective opportunities to redistribute emergency help where it’s needed most.


At a time of great uncertainty, when it would be easy to fall into fear, we have risen to the occasion through our generous expression of justice. We didn’t just set a new Giving Week record–we almost doubled it!

Thanks for saying yes to the Upside Down Kingdom in this most practical of ways.

Together we gave a total of $82,280 to over 30 different organizations, building lasting spiritual friendship through unrighteous wealth (Lk 16:9). Over $60,ooo went to our four highlighted organizations, but check out all of the many places that we also gave to below.

Highlighted Organizations:

Centro Legal de la Raza, Oakland

CWOW member Jane Lee told us about Centro Legal de la Raza, an organization working with undocumented families in East Oakland who are routinely denied both stimulus funds and unemployment insurance. Check out Jane’s story here (tune in at 16:25). And to learn more about Centro Legal’s work during this crisis, check out this Berkeleyside article.

Achieve Academy, Oakland

Jess Qian, CWOW member working at Achieve Academy, also let us know about another local opportunity to give to undocumented families in East Oakland who are in need of financial support. If you missed Jess’ story please check out the video here (tune in at 20:18) and here is more inspiring detail about Achieve Academy from their newsletter.

Takataka Plastics, Uganda

Cwow community member Paige Balcom of Takataka Plastics in Uganda is turning trash into face shields for doctors. She is also bringing emergency food to those families facing not just social isolation, but malnutrition and hunger. Check out the director’s cut of Paige and Peter’s video from Celebration!

The GreenHouse, Sacramento

Our former pastor, Rena Crocker of the GreenHouse in Sacramento, is bridging the digital divide at a crucial moment when the crisis threatens to further increase educational inequity. Through donations like ours, she is working hard to keep neighborhood leaders employed and serving their community.

**Please note that donations to the GreenHouse can be scheduled ahead of time to disperse on May 7, for the Big Day of Giving.

Other Organizations We Donated to this Giving Week…


Alameda County Food Bank

Asian Health Services

Berkeley Food and Housing

Berkeley Food Network

Biden campaign

ChildVoice International

Cityteam Oakland

Cool Earth

Farmworkers’ COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund

Give Directly

Life Academy Family Fund

Mali Health

Multicultural Institute, Berkeley

National Bailout

Oakland Int’l High School Emergency Fund

Operation Mask

Pink Ribbon Riders

Pomona Hope

Preemptive Love

Relief International

Spring of Hope

Urban Mentors

We Have Masks

World Vision COVID emergency fund

Wounded Warrior Project

Direct contributions to family and friends in need

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