Found in Translation: The Renewing Power of God’s Words

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Sometimes the ancient, “churchy” language of the Bible can feel remote and inaccessible. Other times Scripture’s words seem so familiar they are drained of impact in our lives. But hidden in the archaic Greek and Hebrew texts is an energizing source of spiritual encouragement that fills our deepest longings! This sermon series will take a fresh look at biblical words that encapsulate the core of our faith in God, our love for each other, and our hope for the world.

6/12/2016 Word: dabar
6/19/2016 Faithful love: hesed
6/26/2016 Peace: shalom
7/3/2016 Justice: tzedakah, dikaiōsis
7/10/2016 Grace: charis
7/17/2016 Gospel: euaggelion
7/24/2016 Kingdom: basileia
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