Creation Care Blog #6: Comfort Food

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Hi church,

Last I shared Jonathan Safran-Foer’s bracing call to move beyond worry or concern about climate change and instead “make a plan”  to be the change we wish to see. Part of my plan is very simple: eat meat only once a day, and factory-farmed beef only once a week. Ah, but it’s not so simple.

For you vegans out there, my plan probably sounds laughably un-radical. But I grew up eating Taco Bell for lunch almost every day in high school. Carne asada burritos from the El Super Taco #2 truck were the pinnacle of my culinary experience. All my most cherished comfort food is carnivorous. Everything I know how to cook (admittedly not much) centers around meat.

So in order to achieve my plan, I need another plan: a new era of comfort food! I need vegetarian recipes that are super-easy (7 ingredients or less), strongly flavored (think exciting hot sauces), and quick.

That’s why I was so taken with Noelle’s scrumptious Munch Club jackfruit tacos yesterday. Vegetarian comfort food at last! I’ll be recreating her recipe for my family very soon, and you can too.

This Lent I look forward to mining our very talented culinary community for more additions to my climate-friendly comfort food choices.

Thanks Noelle!





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  • Jennifer Choo

    Printed and will recreate! Did not know you can cook with jackfruit!

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