381 Days of Racial Justice

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At CWOW we are seeking to be steady, strong, and sustained in our commitment to racial justice. One way to lean-in together is to track and coordinate our action for 381 days, the length of time that it took for the Montgomery bus boycott to achieve the desegregation of public transit. Under this overarching framework, our focus will be 3 pronged:

– To learn new ideas from one another and track how we are sustainably engaging in racial justice as individuals in our own spheres of influence.
– Our racial justice leadership team, made up of a diverse group of community members, will lead us in specific ways to do racial justice outside of our CWOW Community.
– We will participate in an elder-lead dialogue about opportunities for racial justice within our own community, and look to implement positive change at CWOW.

Please stay tuned for more information from our Racial Justice Leadership Team, coming soon.

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