Community Justice Opportunity: Dedicated CWoW Phone Banking!

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Dear CWoW,

Many of us at CWoW have already been working with NextGen Florida to bring out the young votes in this crucial swing state.  Now we are excited to have a phone bank campaign specific to CWOW, as the next step in that effort.

We are bringing NextGen Florida to CWoW!  We are scheduling two Saturday mornings to accommodate those who have wanted to help but cannot make the time during your busy weekdays.  Or anyone else who would like to pitch in and phone bank with us!

Please come join us on:

  • Saturday, October 3:  11 AM – 12:30 PM PDT


  • This will be a dedicated CWoW phone bank experience.  Everyone on Zoom will be your friends at CWoW.  I will get a dedicated phone bank link from the organizers at NextGen Florida that we can use.
  • I will send a Zoom link to the CWoW community listserv later in the week, plus additional details regarding the mechanics of phone banking for those interested to get on.  We will give a brief training (first 15 mins) and then each of us will begin dialing.  There is a ready-made script and the process is easy.

Being a proud, card-carrying member of the Introverted, I am filled with dread at the thought of cold-calling strangers.  But I have found phone-banking to be surprisingly fun-to-pleasant ranging from (i) encouraging conversations with enthusiastic supporters to (ii) being immediately helpful to people who want/need voting information.  The list is predominantly composed of young people (20’s to early 40’s) who tend to lean Democratic/progressive.  But they are the hardest demographic to reach.  We need their votes, especially this year.

It is enormously helpful to have people you know dialing together – just seeing one another on Zoom is a mental boost.  And, if you have any questions during phone banking, you can immediately get answers from those more experienced via chat/ texts.

Please come join, even as an experiment and even if you don’t feel 100% comfortable.  Phone banking is immediately helpful to anyone who needs more information and there is a quicker give-and-take that helps people to the polls – and help flip the WH and the Senate in November.

 If you would like to sign up, or find out more info, please RSVP here ( Thanks for considering!



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